Training & Education

Invested in a system that your team isn’t using?

Infinity understands that effective end-user training is the capstone of your implementation. Without clear, well-developed training, even the most powerful tools won’t deliver the results you need.

Enter Infinity Training

When considering a training center to show you the ins and outs of your CRM, BPM or BI software, look no further than Infinity. We’ve trained more than 130,000 professionals and serve as a licensed vendor-approved training center.

Infinity is your #1 source for Vendor-Approved Microsoft CRM training courses. Our first-rate, vendor-authorized CRM training curriculum is taught by certified instructors who are experts in the CRM field and have over 50 years of combined experience implementing and teaching CRM. Infinity is the only training center devoted solely to teaching CRM-based curriculum, and we are dedicated to the success of all our clients and trainees. We are a licensed Microsoft Learning Solutions Center.

Infinity offers training for all types and levels of CRM users. From open enrollment classes offered at Infinity to customized training designed specifically for your system and work environment, Infinity’s CRM trainers get your end-users up-to-speed efficiently and economically. Either in our¬†training facilities¬†or at your company’s location, Infinity trainers will provide a programs to meet your needs.

Private CRM, BPM or BI Training

If you would like to schedule a private CRM, BPM, or BI training class with us, please contact your account manager or email