Marketing Automation

How can modern-day marketers plan, execute and measure their way to more effective campaigns?

The current marketing landscape offers more opportunities than ever before to reach clients with meaningful, customized messages—but how do you know which opportunities will result in high-value returns and which will simply divert resources?

Enter Infinity Info Systems

Infinity customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for marketing teams provides multichannel marketing automation and analytics for greatly improved marketing execution, insight, results, and customer targeting and segmentation.

Our business-focused software offers powerful ways to optimize your marketing efforts using familiar and intelligent marketing capabilities. Increase the effectiveness of marketing programs throughout your entire organization with features such as intuitive campaign management, flexible segmentation tools, insightful analytics and robust workflows.

  • Start with great planning. Accelerate your marketing around plans that are as agile as you are. Help reduce your time to market and improve brand consistency and message.
  • Improve customer engagement. Behavioral data and advanced lead scoring help you understand how your customers engage and interact with you, so you can increase sales impact by delivering highly qualified leads straight to your CRM system. Deep customer segmenting and targeting help you plan effectively and execute flawlessly.
  • Market as a team. Enhance marketing team collaboration. Enterprise-ready collaboration means you work better together across your team, including partners and agencies.
  • Leverage insights that lead to action. Provide your sales and marketing teams’ with visibility into prospect behavior and the ability to target them with relevant messaging and tracked responses.
  • Link directly to website and social channels. Capture customer and prospect data from email campaigns and website activity. Automatically score and route leads to sales based on demographic and behavioral information.
  • Automates repetitive tasks. Simplify the qualification of leads, streamline budget approvals and master follow-up actions with guided dialogs and flexible workflows.