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How do you leverage game-changing mobile technologies while maintaining gold-standard business processes?

In our new mobile world, successful companies are taking their business mobile as well in order to stay agile and customer-centered. But how do you get up and running with new mobile technologies while still maintaining tried-and-true business processes and delivering excellent customer experiences?

Enter Infinity Info Systems

Infinity has been helping companies mobilize for over 10 years. Our integrated solutions incorporate mobile in a big picture way, delivering the tools you need to dovetail with your existing business processes and systems.

Our mobile business applications deliver a fast and intuitive experience, helping sales, customer service, marketing and management professionals connect with customers and each other on multiple mobile devices in a secure environment. Additionally, our essential mobile productivity tools help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your field organizations.

Our solutions support for nearly every device including: iPhone, Windows, Android and Blackberry phones; iPads, slates and tablets.

  • Respond better and faster than your competition. Mobile access to your critical business systems decreases your cycle time and increases responsiveness to customer requests. Instantly respond to prospect inquiries, initiate orders, and schedule or escalate service calls for customers on the spot.
  • Access the real-time information you need, now. Arm yourself with real-time information prior to, and during, prospect and customer visits, including lead interest, contact details, account details, maintenance contracts, support history and current outstanding support incidents.
  • Get where you need to go. Interactive maps, location and driving information from anywhere you are to anywhere you need to go. Auto-map the location of your appointments, leads, contacts and accounts.
  • Put actionable dashboards and analytics in the palm of your hand. Mobile friendly dashboards enable your users to instantly understand data and key metrics while on the go.
  • Work online or offline. Lost your internet connection? No worries, stay productive and maintain access to your customer information regardless of connectivity.
  • Use photos to record data quickly. Put your device’s camera to good use. Snap a picture of product displays, meeting notes, broken or damaged shipments; then simply link them to the related record.
  • Support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Employees have their own device preferences. Our platform supports a broad array of devices with a single deployment without sacrificing a native user experience on each device. Access critical prospect and customer information—anytime, any place, any device.



How can you improve collaboration and feedback between teams and across projects and timelines?

The larger and more productive your teams, the more potential exists for costly miscommunication and redundant efforts. But integrated social tools that promote document sharing and real-time collective information gathering can create both transparency and meaningful collaborative experience.

Enter Infinity Info Systems

Infinity advises clients on enterprise social networking solutions that foster agile team collaboration and add measurable social depth to your business goals. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have proven the intrinsic value of platforms that use technology to deepen our human experiences with each other. Loyalty-building social aspects, paired with streamlined operational efficiencies, mean a better work experience and a better business result.

In addition to providing our clients with a general assessment of the benefits and challenges of enterprise social networking, Infinity’s expertise with Yammer, the only social networking tool fully integrated with Microsoft business components (Dynamics CRM, O365, SharePoint, Exchange and Office applications), means that we’re uniquely positioned to speak to specific implementation scenarios as well.