Investor Relations Management

As a member of the Investor Relations team, you need the most powerful reporting and communications tools available to keep up with the demands of your valuable clients. With disparate data sources, responding to investors can become time consuming and arduous, and investor reporting can become difficult to manage. On top of that, it can be challenging to understand what other relationship managers are conveying to investors and to ensure that your messaging is consistent.

With Infinity’s Investor Relations Management (IRM) Accelerator, these issues are minimized or disappear completely. Infinity’s clients have experienced:

  • Clear and simple management of communications, statements, and reports with the communication assignment sub-grid
  • Seamlessly access all your vital data from a broad set of sourses. Achieve this with Infinity’s deep API experience and ability with ETL, tools, and processes
  • Improved communication coordination with industry-leading out-of-the-box Outlook integration
  • Higher customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency with optimized customer data management and bundled customer fields

Ultimately, our IRM Accelerator delivers value because Infinity has successfully worked with Investment Relationship Managers for over 25 years in Private Equity and Hedge Funds. Over that time, we’ve learned about what works and have captured that knowledge in our IRM Accelerator.

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