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Infinity’s Manufacturing Solutions help manufacturing firms increase productivity, streamline operations, improve workflow, address technical challenges and meet forecast demand.

The Manufacturing sector is constantly evolving to meet global challenges. Accordingly, our Manufacturing Solutions are custom-built to provide seamless coordination between sales, management, and marketing, delivering the information and services needed to improve the performance and profitability of manufacturing firms.


Infinity Medical Device Solutions includes capabilities to help you streamline prospect and customer engagement for marketing, sales, customer service and field service teams. Quote to order and configuration capabilities provide improved manufacturing operations and helps streamline inventory management and improve supply chain issues.

Infinity’s CRM for Medical Devices includes specific requirements for medical device company users to source, track and manage opportunities more effectively. Easily keep track of all related relationships and communications with a tablet and finger-friendly interface.

  • Track all your businesses activity, interactions and communications
  • Track and maintain field and demo units
  • Streamline service operations with electronic signature capture capabilities
  • Automate key business processes increasing efficiency and effectiveness of users


Infinity's Manufacturing Solutions are comprehensive, industry specific applications that enable you to identify and maintain the loyalty of your most profitable clients while still growing your client-base.

  • Improve collaboration and streamline communication by consolidating and sharing client, prospect and project information in a centralized database
  • Immediately access critical and accurate information within your CRM system including top clients by sales, purchases, relationships between companies
  • Increase client experience retention by providing more personalized service and opportunities
  • Shorten the sales cycle by effectively managing and assessing opportunities in your CRM sales pipeline
  • Boost productivity by eliminating tedious paper-based administration and automate key business processes with online based CRM for manufacturing solutions
  • Efficiently manage the sales team by instantly generating key reports
  • Quickly access sales history, invoice history, and accounts receivable status

Infinity's Manufacturing Solutions feature:

  • Client, Prospect and Opportunity Levels to capture complex relationships
  • Award-winning Customer Relationship Management to track business activity, interactions and communications
  • Powerful queries and look-ups for profiling and segmentation of customers
  • Automated implementation of key tasks
  • Complex relationship tracking between clients and prospects
  • Full system integration with your manufacturing business:
  • Fully integrated with Outlook and the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Mobile solutions for PDAs, laptop synchronization and available web client