Business Intelligence

What key questions is your business not asking?

Metrics have always been essential to successful business management—we’re all familiar with the old adage that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. But in today’s business climate, metrics matter more than ever. Sales, marketing, social networking and customer service all depend on key insights to improve performance and efficiencies. It’s also important to keep in mind that just gathering good data is not enough. Strong metrics that are not readily available or useable are of little value.

Enter Infinity Info Systems

Infinity Info Systems helps clients identify the critical questions that will provide insight into their company’s core business functions and enable them to start making smarter, better business decisions.

From there, our Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions can be specially designed to effectively measure the necessary data, empowering companies to track and analyze customer relationships, sales leads, market data and key performance indicators (KPIs). And in order to ensure that clients are able to fully benefit from the power of their data, we make it easy for users to get access to the right data, at the right time, providing actionable insights for sales, marketing, social networking and customer service teams.


Access sales activity and pipeline information in a visual and interactive format.

  • How are you tracking against your sales goals?
  • Is your pipeline healthy?
  • Is your sales team doing the right things to help ensure success?
  • How is the company doing now versus last year, last quarter, etc.?
  • What products are selling well?
  • Who are your best customers?
  • Where are your best prospects?


Gain insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and lead generation activities.

  • How many leads have been generated this year, this quarter, etc.?
  • How many leads turned into opportunities and closed deals?
  • Which campaigns and channels are the most effective?
  • How long does it take to convert a lead into an opportunity?
  • Are you allocating your market spend on the right activities?

Social Networking

Tap opportunities to listen to, understand and respond to the social conversations that are happening around brands, products,  services and competition.

  • Who is saying what and is it good or bad?
  • Are your social investments returning the results you expected?
  • Are social posts related to customer issues and trends?
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging—which is your most effective channel?
  • Who are the top influencers who are talking about your topic?

Customer Service

View information and trends on customer service calls and activities.

  • How many customer service tickets have been opened?
  • How long is it taking to resolve issues?
  • What specific issues keep reoccurring?
  • Is your level of service improving?
  • What cross-sell opportunities exist?