Business Process Management

How can you identify and close the gaps in your business processes to keep productivity and profitability on track?

Without strong business process management, companies struggle to operate efficiently, transfer process acumen, and capture performance measurements and metrics. Technology tools should support existing business goals, processes, resources and performance measures—not the other way around.

Enter Infinity BPM Solutions

The Infinity Info Systems business process management team—each member a process expert—has executive and senior leadership experience in mid-size, Fortune 500, and Fortune 50 companies across both service and manufacturing industries.

The team averages nearly twenty years each of experience in Business Process Management, Process Design, and Process Improvement in support of company objectives. This extensive experience allows them to customize a best-in-class methodology to each client situation, then deploy it pragmatically and with ease in working with all levels of a client’s organization. Among the benefits: leaner project teams, more efficient execution, practical recommendations and results, and increased client control.

Given our teams consist of former business executives and leaders who have personally deployed and utilized Business Process Management, our capabilities are extensive and differentiating.  We are thoroughly grounded in the method of Business Process Management, and our real-world practical experience enables us to customize BPM approaches for each client.


Initial Deployment: End-to-end deployment of BPM for clients new to the discipline. This deployment can be at an enterprise or business unit level.

In-Place Refinement: End-to-end gap assessment and recommendations for clients who have a BPM in place, yet see the value in an outside assessment to determine opportunities to refine their BPM or make changes to keep pace with industry enhancements.

Salvage: For clients who have attempted BPM and have achieved less-than desired results, we provide expert guidance on how to course correct in order to get BPM back on track; providing  an alternative to a company ‘giving up’ and abandoning BPM all together.


For any type of implementation (Initial Deployment, In-Place Refinement, or Salvage), Infinity offers three implementation models:

Fully Outsourced: Infinity provides full, end-to-end ownership and execution.

Dovetail: Client designates resources to work alongside Infinity during the engagement, which increases the client’s capability and reduces the future need for external support.

Teach: Client designates resources to become trained in BPM; once trained, those client resources lead the BPM initiative.